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Interim Strategist, Troubleshooter, Architect & Program Director
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Steve's book ISBN 0-572-012330 was published in 1984 by W. Foulsham & Co Ltd.
Written at the height of the small home computer boom it attempted to teach programming and was targeted at young owners who already knew more than their parents. It was based on Steve's experience running the Chiltern Computer Club in the Dunstable area which had a number of younger members.
Steve had written and published many games and utility programs for a diverse collection of computers such as the Sinclair ZX-80, ZX-81, and Spectrum, Dragon, Oric, BBC, Commodore and Apple.
The book gained good reviews in the national news papers being listed as "outstanding" in the Daily Mail in September 1984. The initial imprint was quickly sold and a second run also make its way into the hands of young owners. It is still listed on Amazon as out of print although occasionlly a second hand copy is offered.