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Steve Betts Associates

Interim Strategist, Troubleshooter, Architect & Program Director
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Why do I Mentor?
After all I don't charge for being a friend or listener, so why do I give some of my time freely?
I have participated in formal organised programs as well as informal one-to-one relationships and I get a number of worthwhile benefits from Mentoring.
For me there is an element of giving something back to the community. At various stages in my career I received advice, help, a new viewpoint or a gentle push from mentors, and I like to do the same for others.
It exposes me to new situations, points of view and ideas, which in turn stop me getting stale.
There is also an element of learning from shared experience.
Follow me on LinkedIn, and you will get an idea of my interests. Then please get in touch if you think you would benefit from either a formal or informal mentoring relationship with me. 
I look forward to hearing from you.